Judicial Poll Results 2001

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2001 Judicial Poll Results


Judicial Poll

For over eighty years, the Dade County Bar Association has been committed to attracting and retaining judges of the highest quality to ensure the utmost confidence and respect of the public and the bar for the judiciary of Florida. In keeping with that commitment, this Association annually sponsors judicial polls so that expressions of judgment and opinions upon the qualifications of judges may be based upon the performance of judicial service. The duty and responsibility of the bar in this regard is imposed upon its members pursuant to Rule 4-8.2 of the Rules of Professional Conduct.

The Dade County Bar Association conducts the poll for two purposes: The first is that sitting judges are afforded the opportunity to improve their performances if their ratings are lower than those of their colleagues and secondly, the public is informed of whether the lawyers of Dade County feel that the judges are qualified to hold office.

For the 2001 poll, all 11,370 members of the bar in the Eleventh Circuit (Miami-Dade County) received a ballot which contained the names of all current Circuit and County Court judges, Senior Judges who sit periodically, and General Masters.

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