Lawyer Referral Disclaimer

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I understand that if I obtain a referral using the Dade County Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service on-line referral system, the Lawyer Referral Service will provide me with the name and number of one attorney practicing in the particular field that I request and that I will be entitled to up to 30 minutes of consultation with the attorney for a onetime $50 referral fee, which is non refundable.

I understand that it is my responsibility to contact the attorney to whom I am referred, and that if the attorney is temporarily unavailable and needs to return my phone call, I will give the attorney at least 1-2 business days to return the call.

I understand that the consultation included with the referral I receive may be done either in person or over the phone at the attorney’s discretion.

I further understand that anything above and beyond the initial consultation is then between the attorney and myself and charged at the attorney’s rates. There is no obligation on my part to hire the attorney, nor on the attorney’s part to accept my case.


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