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Lawyer Referral Service for Attorneys

What is LRS?

The Lawyer Referral Service is a nonprofit organization that matches clients who need representation with lawyers who can help. The LRS
refers cases to panel members in various areas of law, performing a valuable service to the public and to our panel members. The primary purpose of the Lawyer Referral Service of the Dade County Bar Association (“LRS”) is to provide a method wher
eby any persons who are able to pay reasonable attorney fees but whose ability to locate appropriate legal representation is frustrat
ed by a lack of
experience with the legal system, a lack of information about the type of service needed, or a fear of the
potential costs of seeing a lawyer
may be referred to a member of the LRS who is available to give an initial consultation and where necessary to furnish additi
onal legal
services on a reasonable fee basis.

How LRS Works

When a client calls or comes in
the office, we ask them to briefly tell us their situation
. We
question the prospective client in an effort
to determine the nature of the client’s problem
in order to
refer them on the appropriate panel.
Most referral clients will be charged a $50 referral fee by the LRS to be collected before making the referral. This fee shal
l be waived
for the most clients referred on the Torts Panel. Each panel member to whom a client is referred by the Service shall c
onsult with such
client for up to one
half hour at no charge to the client.
We collect the $50 referral fee directly from the clients before making the referral. After processing their payment and ente
ring their
information in our system, we send an email
to the referred attorney to let them know that the client will be calling to
initial consultation. We inform the client to call your office to schedule their first appointment. After th
first 30 minutes, any fees
collected are between you
and the client.

The Low Fee Panel

When we refer a client on the low fee panel, we explain to them that the attorney is still a private attorney who charges fee
s for their
services, and that we do not have pro bono attorneys. When accepting referrals from
the low fee panel, we ask simply that you will
work with the clients in respect to fees; whether that be charging less than your regular rate, or working out a payment plan
Of course, these fees are between you and the client, and we explain to them th
at you will discuss fees at that first consultation.

Your Duties

When joining the service, attorneys agree to:

  1. Be experienced and knowledgeable in chosen panel areas
  2. Provide referred client with a 30 minute consultation
  3. Remit 15% of all client fees earned to the LRS
  4. Update LRS on the status of referrals after speaking with the client
  5. Respond to all LRS inquiries

How to Join

In order to join the LRS, you must:

  1. Maintain an physical office in Miami – Dade County
  2. Maintain Pr ofessional Liability Insurance in the minimum amount of $100,000
  3. Be in good standing with the Florida Bar
  4. Affirm knowledge and experience in selected panels

For more information or to request an application, please contact LRS Coordinator Livia Neira Blaquier at or at (305)
371 – 2220 ext. 317.

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