Dade County Bar Association

In the legal profession, it is essential to be a part of an organization that supports you. The Dade County Bar Association (DCBA) supports its members in many ways, but some of the most important aspects are the abundant networking opportunities, high quality and timely continuing legal education, and leadership development opportunities for attorneys, to help you GROW your practice, GAIN experience and GIVE back.

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The goals of the DCBA

  • To serve the needs of our membership.
  • To advocate for improvements to the justice system.
  • To provide leadership for the legal profession and the community.
  • To raise and maintain the ethical and professional standards of conduct of the bar.
  • To educate the public about the justice system and the legal profession.
  • To preserve the independence of the judiciary.
  • To promote meaningful access to justice for all people, of any economic or social condition.
  • To promote diversity within the legal profession.
  • To promote responsibility for public service by lawyers.
  • To build and maintain a strong financial and organizational infrastructure to carry out the goals of the Association.

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