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Bulletin Guidelines for Authors & Editors
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Bulletin Guidelines for Authors & Editors

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I. Eligibility

Members of the Dade County Bar Association are welcome to submit articles for publication in the Bulletin. Non-members may also submit articles, but preference is given to members of the Association.

II. Content

A.    Audience – Articles should be aimed at members of the Dade County Bar Association, including lawyers and paralegals. Other members of the audience include readers of the Daily Business Review. It is important for authors to remember to write articles that are relevant to this audience.

B.    Purpose and General Approach – The primary purpose of the DCBA Bulletin is to publish articles that educate and inform the DCBA membership. Analysis, opinion, and criticism of the present state of the law are also encouraged, but they should be clearly identified as the author’s. Such analysis should be reasonably thorough and accompanied by sufficient legal authority on all sides of an issue to enable the reader to assess the validity of the opinion. When criticism is voiced, suggestions for reform should also be included. Criticism should be directed to issues rather than against individuals.

C.    Quality and Style – The Editorial Board members approve articles for publication in the DCBA Bulletin only if they are of publishable quality. An article possesses “publishable quality” by combining various virtues of good legal writing, such as originality, significance of topic, clarity of discussion, practicality, thoroughness, organization and style. An article need not satisfy any set formula to be of publishable quality, and it is not publishable merely because it exhibits a single mark of excellence (e.g. novelty) in the extreme. Thus, even the form (i.e. the structure and style) of an article may add to or detract from its message; and good style cannot be divorced from substance. Although the members of the Editorial Board recognize that publishable articles ordinarily will undergo some editing, authors should take care to edit and polish their articles before submitting them. Articles requiring substantial editing will be rejected or returned to the authors for revision. Articles that are focused on selling the writer’s product or services are not welcome, and the Bulletin does not pay authors for content.

D.    Subject Matter – The Editorial Board is seeking non-fiction about events and trends in the legal community, the practice of law in your area, tips and techniques to improve execution, and enhancing professionalism and civility. Some relationship to law or the legal community is required for an article to be published. Other articles written by members of the Dade County Bar Association may be considered for the Dade County Bar Association blog. Please note: Because we consider the Bulletin to be a “newspaper-style” publication rather than a formal journal, we do not use footnotes when citing sources. Instead, we refer to a source within the text of the article itself.

III. Submission Procedure and Format Requirements

A.    Deadline – Articles for submission are due on the 15th of each month for the issue to be published in 45 days.  Articles submitted June 15 will be considered for publication in the August issue.

B.    Length – Articles may be approximately 150, 300, 500, 800 or 1100 words. Articles that do not meet length requirements may be returned to authors for revision or revised by the Editorial Board to meet requirements.

C.     Organization – Articles should include a powerful, relevant and brief headline, a minimum of three sub-headings, and a relevant “pull quote.”

D.    Submissions should be accompanied by a professional color photograph of the author(s) and a biography describing the author’s field of expertise, education and background of 100 words or less.

E.    Article Submissions should be uploaded in Microsoft Word format through the Bulletin’s ARTICLE SUBMISSION FORM. Articles not submitted through the Bulletin submission procedure will not be considered for publication.

F.     Photography – The committee encourages submission of photographs to accompany articles in the Bulletin. When submitting photographs, please provide as many choices as possible to the Editorial Committee. 

G.     Post Event Press should be uploaded in Microsoft Word format through the Bulletin’s POST EVENT PRESS SUBMISSION FORM. Post event press releases should include a proposed headline, text 100-500 words in length describing the event, and a minimum of three photographs with captions identifying the subjects in the photographs.


 I. Editorial Board Composition

A.    The Editorial Board is composed of volunteer members of the Dade County Bar Association.

B.    Members of the Editorial Board are responsible for editing articles as assigned by the Editor in Chief and attending meetings and conference calls of the Bulletin Committee.

II. Review Procedure

A.    The Editorial Board meets on the first Thursday of the month to distribute articles for review. Members of the Editorial Committee receive, review, edit and return articles to the Editor-in-Chief by the second Thursday of the month.

B.    Edited articles are ranked in order of priority by the editors for publication. Articles that do not comply with publication requirements may be returned to authors for revision or published on the Dade County Bar Association Blog.

C.    The Editorial Board arranges and lays out the Bulletin.

D.    The Bulletin is published monthly, and distributed in the Daily Business Review to all subscribers, as well as to members of the Dade County Bar Association directly in print and electronic form.

III. Editorial Oversight

A.     The Editorial Board of the DCBA Bulletin is primarily an advisory and a quality-reviewing entity. The Editorial Board shall have ultimate authority to decide whether to publish any particular article.
a. The Editor-in-Chief of the Bulletin is selected by the DCBA President and serves a one year term.
b. The DCBA Bulletin Editorial Board is also selected annually by the president to serve a one year term
c. Each Editorial Board member shall be responsible for attending all noticed board meetings.
d. Each Editorial Board member must comply with target dates for completion of assignments to insure timely
publication of the DCBA Bulletin. All actions taken on behalf of the Bulletin by Editorial Board members must be
done so with a view toward meeting the deadline schedule established by the DCBA and the Editor-in-Chief.

B.  The officers and Board of Directors of the Dade County Bar Association (DCBA) retain ultimate authority over the content of the DCBA Bulletin. Whenever the Officers or Board of Directors of the DCBA considers or makes on any decision on any matter affecting the editorial policy or content of the DCBA Bulletin, the DCBA President notifies the Editor-in-Chief who is responsible for executing the policy.

C.  All business transactions of the DCBA Bulletin (i.e. printing contract, advertising) are conducted by a party duly appointed by the DCBA to conduct such business.

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